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This unique grocery delivery service also offers private chefs and prepared meal delivery!

Online Ordering Available – please visit for more details.

Location: Mobile
Phone: (435) 659-1896

Decadent Dishes by Chef Christian Gonzales

“Born In Mexicali Mexico, Chef Christian came to The United States at 7 years old. His passion for food started at an early age. Being influenced by his grandmother, and mother he started to cook and experiment by the time he was 9 years old. Food has always been a love language for him. Chef Christian strides to get the very best ingredients and make them shine for what they truly are and can become, with his passion for technique, flavor, and attention to detail.”

Location: Mobile

Phone: 385-335-0304

Email: [email protected]

Kevin Finch Headshot

Kevin G. Finch

“A Salt Lake City native with a Michelin-starred resume that spans the globe, Kevin brings a highly-skilled, global culinary perspective to Utah’s dining scene with aspirations of opening his first independent restaurant.

With each step in his career, Kevin has discovered new approaches to regionality and respect for the seasons. From memories of summer tomatoes in his aunt’s garden to navigating an entirely new world of sourcing in Shenzhen, these experiences have distilled a globally-influenced, produce-centric approach to cooking in which every dish is crafted with intention.”

Location: Mobile

Email: [email protected]

Chef Adam Park

Chef Adam Park

Visit Chef Adam Park’s website to fill out a contact form and get in touch with Chef Adam about his private chef services. Services listed on his website include:

Personal Chef and Catering

  • All Day Meals, Cocktail Parties, Client dinners, and Family Gatherings

Traveling Chef Services

  • Chef Park and his team have years of experience of traveling with clients, From Ski trips, Company Retreats, Vacation homes, to Yachts and house boats.

Special Events and Sundance Catering

  • Special occasions, High end dinners, or a variety of parties for Sundance.

Pop-up Dinners

  • Multi-course dinners currated by the chef, hyper seasonal, and sure to impress your guests that can turn any location into a highend dinning experience.